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Translation is a craft, which requires professional skills and creative thinking. The translated text must target the recipient. Therefore, we have selected a professional team of experienced linguists with the same philosophy, who ensure that your projects are in safe hands. We have a close relationship with affiliated freelance translators and bureaus throughout the entire world. Therefore you can rest assured that your text will always be tailored to the individual country's cultural differences. No assignment is too small or too large. We cover fields such as technology, IT, marketing, finance, PR, legal, etc. and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a quality product irrespective of whether it is a translation of a single line or a 20.000 word manual. AP Translation mainly provides translations from English and German into Danish but outsource translations into other Scandinavian languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic as well.



Is your text written in a flowing, easy to read language? Let us evaluate the wording and style. At the same time we proofread your text so you can be sure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.



Software localization is developing rapidly. We help you get a user-friendly website, which is localized by professionals. If your investment is to yield returns, a good concept is not enough. We help you with linguistic assistance in correctly localizing menus, help tools and manuals.



A certified translation is an accurate translation of the source text, which is accompanied by the signature, endorsement and stamp of the certified translator and can be used for example in court cases, foreign marriages, upon application to educational institutions, etc. Certified translations may only be completed by state-certified translators. Learn more...


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We use translation memory tools such as Trados to ensure high quality and a consistent terminology. Please note that Translation memory tools are not the same as translation software or 'machine translation'. 



  • Texts which have already been translated can be reused, which gives you a financial advantage
  • High quality - even with a large amount of text
  • Fast delivery as a result of reduced production time
  • Efficiency of the translation process
  • Human translation by native speaking translators










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